What is a Civil Marriage? 

A religious marriage is a ceremony that takes place in a church, but it is followed by the signing of the civil marriage register, which is the civil (or legally binding) part.

A civil marriage takes place in a registry office or other approved venue, and can also incorporate a celebrant to perform a ceremony for family and friends.

How long do the Ceremonies last? 

We would normally write a Wedding, Commitment, Naming Ceremony or Vow Renewal Ceremony to be 25-30 minutes in length.

This would change depending on your choices for elements being included within the ceremony. 

Requirements for Marriage

If you are an Irish Citizen and Normally Resident in Ireland, you must be at least 18 years old to get married.

The age rule remains the same, irrespective of whether or not you are married in a religious, secular or civil ceremony.

Additionally, you must also have the capacity to marry which means you must freely consent to the marriage and have the capacity to understand what marriage means.

There is no requirement to live in the specific district where you want to get married.

What do we need to do to be recognized as legally married?

Irrespective of whether you are an Irish citizen or a foreign national, anyone marrying in Ireland must give three months notification to the HSE before they marry.

You must make notification in person to any Registrar. 

Therefore once you have arranged your notification appointment, the HSE will issue you with a MRF (Marriage Registration Form).

This document will then passed onto an HSE registered Solemniser, who will witness the signing of this document so if you are marrying at a Registry Office, this signing will take place there. 

Holding a ceremony with “Munster Celebrants”, couples would arrange for the Registrar (the HSE) to hold onto the MRF and at the Second Arranged meeting with them, you (along with your two witnesses) would sign the document in the presence of the HSE Registrar.

This means that you would need to arrange two appointments with the HSE to give Notification, then later a Second Appointment to sign your legal documents. 

We regretfully cannot act as a legal Solemnizer to the signing of the MRF (Marriage Registration Form) documents & certificate. 

When Couples have already completed their legal documentation privately, and just want to hold a public ceremony – is this OK?

Yes, we are very professional and respect all aspects of your privacy so this is entirely at your discretion.

It will make no difference to the ceremony or the celebration if you decide to do this part later on.

What if we want to Get Married outside of Ireland? 

If you are an Irish Citizen and are planning to marry abroad, you should realize that the legal validity of your marriage is governed, in part, by the laws of the country in which you marry.

In most, if not all cases, the legal formalities abroad are very different to those in Ireland.



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