Every love story is a fairy tale, and we can’t wait to tell yours!

Our ceremony will be romantic, relaxed, happy, funny, or traditional.

It will be everything you and your partner want it to be.

Whatever is your dream, We aim to build the perfect wedding for you.

With our combined experience we hope to design, develop, and deliver that perfect wedding ceremony for you on your special day.

We want you to feel at ease while sharing the special moments of your journey from first meeting to marriage, which will enable us to create with you that unique ceremony that will be both personal and exclusive to you both.

We respect all traditions and beliefs and we inspire to help you create your dream wedding.

We will officiate at your ceremony anywhere in Ireland or aboard, at any time, on any day of the year, (subject to our availability.)

Every love story is a fairy tale, and I cannot wait to tell yours.

Wedding Ceremonies

We provide a unique individual ceremony that is personnel to you.

We will tell your love story of how you both made the journey to the altar.

With our enhancements, we combine your cultures and religion or non-religion together to make your ceremony exclusive to you at a venue of your choosing.

Destination Wedding Ceremonies

Many couples are taking to the skies to get married.

Couples would have the legal part done in their home country as we  would provide the symbolic wedding ceremony.

It will be a special ceremony to you and can be performed at any venue or location.

If a couple want to get legally married in Ireland, we will guide you through the HSE system.


Vow Renewal Ceremonies

A wedding vow renewal is a ceremony in which a married couple renews or reaffirm their wedding vows.

A lot more couples choose to renew their vows on a special wedding anniversary.

Some with just select family and friends, While other couples prefer to make it as close to their original wedding as possible.

Same-Sex Weddings

If you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or an intersex person and are getting married, this is where we come in!

We can create a ceremony that’s authentic, personal and unique to you both.


Blended or Multi-Cultural Wedding Ceremonies

The bride and groom may want to create a ceremony that blends their heritages, allowing each to pay respect to where they came from while starting their new life as one.

We briefly explain the traditions for family members or friends in attendances, that aren’t familiar with this customs.

The blending ceremonies are always a great way for the inclusion of all families and friends

Baby Naming Ceremonies

Many parents want to celebrate with family and friends the birth of their child.

A lot of parents wants something different when celebrating the naming of their loved one.

We can create an inspiring and symbolic Baby naming ceremony just for you and your family.

Children Ceremonies/Coming of Age Ceremonies for Children

Many Parents with or without religion are looking for ceremonies such as “Naming Ceremonies” and different kinds of coming of age ceremonies, to provide a milestone in the crossing over from child to adult.

We will create a ceremony that will be special and heartfelt.




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